Orion Pest Solutions Pvt Ltd started operations in 1998 from Kolkata. We are active in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial pest management. We provide a full range of pest management services including insect and rodent management, maintenance programs for a wide range of industries, inspections, bird exclusion, odor control, snake control and consulting services.

The Orion team headed by our Chairman and Managing Director Mr Prakash Sasidharan consists of experienced hands in the pest control industry handpicked for their individual expertise with varied pests that afflict different sectors. Our sector specific pest control programmes has been designed to meet rigorous demands of individual clients like hotels,hospitals,corporate offices

We actively practice Integrated Pest Management techniques as recommended by the Ministry of Environment. This practice promotes using pesticides only when required and in conjunction with other non-chemical controls. Our technicians receive ongoing, monthly training in this regard.

All of our Customer Service Technicians are required to hold a Pesticide Applicator’s Certificate and most of them are exposed to various practical training programmes held from time to time. Our employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation and are fully insured.

Orion Pest Solutions Pvt Ltd was the first pest control company in Eastern India to receive ISO 9001 certification from Moody International.

The Orion team today consists of more than 120 technicians,25 sales personnel,16 supervisors,and a admin team comprising of 20 personnel to monitor back-end operations like billing,credit and customer feedback.


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